Taking Care of Your New Tattoo

• After 3-8 hours, with clean hands, remove bandage and wash with warm water and anti-bacterial, liquid soap. (Do not re-bandage)

• Wash 2-3 times daily. (Do not submerge your new tattoo. Avoid pools, hot tubs, baths and tanning until your tattoo is healed.)

• After 2-3 days, you may lightly apply a small amount of gentle (color/fragrance free) lotion after washing, as needed. Do not over-apply or form a gooey coat of lotion, ever. It is not necessary. The lotion, in fact, is mainly for the comfort of your dry skin while it is healing itself.

• During the healing process, your tattoo may become flaky, or form a light scab. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH!!! (To do so will invite infection, scarring or other damage.)

• Avoid touching your fresh tattoo, except when washing.

• Avoid tight-fitting garments or jewelry on your fresh tattoo surface.

• Your tattoo artist has done their best to give you a great tattoo; now it’s your turn to do your best to take care of it.

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